The Adam Park Project

Mitchell’s onsite insight

Shinto Shrine by MitchellThe latest collection to be opened to the public is the artwork of Pte Robert Mitchell, 8 Div Sigs, who resided at Adam Park throughout most of 1942 and pursued his passion in sketching by completing a portfolio of images of the Adam Park POW camp and the work on the Shinto Shrine. Not only does it provide an insight into the every day life in the camp but it also provides the first clue as to the location of the Adam Park Chapel and the murals that adorn the walls. Many thanks must go to Robert’s family and the custodians of Robert’s work, BHFineart for sharing these images with us.

Robert went back to Australia and became a renown artist in his own right. However we will always be grateful for his early work and his foresight to sketch history in the making.