The Adam Park Project

Captain Eric Andrews - St Michael's Chapel, Adam Park, Choral Register and Congregational Roll p.285

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: Andrews001 Source: Martin Andrews Location: 11 Adam park Report No: The Chapel Mural Report 2 Artifact Type: Photographs Production Date: 2016-05-22 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: Various Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

A notebook made from a text book in which is kept the names of the St Michael's choir, members of the congregation and a tally of donations given for the church organ.

Historic Context:

Captain Andrews set up and ran the Adam Park chapel house dedicated to St Michael's. He also set about recruiting a choir and raising funds for a church organ. He fastidiously kept details of all the men in the choir and the money donated by the POWs. The list not only includes the name rank and number of the men who attended the church but also,for some, notes the house they were living in. One entry, for Pte Raphael, is annotated RIP. Pte Raphael died in Borneo in 1945 suggesting Andrews kept the list and updated it at a later date.

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