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Chin Strap

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: 17/01/004 Source: TAPP Archaeology Surveys Location: No17 Adam Park Report No: Report No.10 Artifact Type: Webbing Production Date: 2011-04-14 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 10mm Copyright with The Adam Park Project

Other Description:

The remains of an Mk II helmet strap were recovered from the site. Initially this was assumed to be a modern item as only the spring showed on the surface. However careful excavation revealed the buckle that attached to the strap to a clip on the helmet itself. This item complemented the find of a similar buckle on the first survey and suggests that a helmet may have been discarded in the area.

Historic Context:

Chinstraps to the helmets would often be lost in or removed by the wearer especially if the helmet was a suitably snug fit.

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