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Captain Frank Spencer Hockey p128

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: Hockey 001 Source: Claire Paterson Location: Cambridge Report No: Not Applicable Artifact Type: Photographs Production Date: 2016-04-15 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: Various Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

A collection of photographs relating to Captain Frank Spencer Hockey

Historic Context:

Capt Hockey was killed in action on 13th February 1942. He led a small patrol with Sgt Wade down to the perimeter of the estate to spot and eliminate a Japanese sniper. Unfortunately soon after the two men disappeared into the gloom the area was targeted by an artillery barrage. Sgt Wade's body was found some months later. Capt Hockey was never found. Captain Hockey's name now appears on the Singapore War Memorial at Kranji. In 2010, Claire Paterson, a student at the French School and a TAPP volunteer spent the summer visiting her sister in Cambridge. She undertook to search out Frank Hockey and determine whether Frank had been remembered in his home town. She returned with a collection of images and records showing how one man had been remembered despite be listed missing in action.

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