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Action Report - Cambridgeshire Regiment in Singapore 1942

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: MM005 Source: The Moore Papers Location: Adam Park Report No: N/A Artifact Type: Article Production Date: 1956-02-03 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 21cm x 30cm Copyright with The Adam Park Project

Other Description:

A two page article entitled The Cambridgeshires in Action - Singapore 1942 taken from a report published in the Independent Press and Chronicle and dated Friday 2nd March 1956. The report was written by Lt Col JGA Beckett of the Cambridgeshire Regiment.

Historic Context:

The article describes in some detail the 2nd battalion defence of the Braddell Road and the 1st Cambs retaking of Hill 95 on the 15th February 1942, the role of the B Echelon personnel, the mortar sections attack against enemy tanks and their final demise in the fire and the final surrender. The text concludes with General Percival's comment about the performance of the 1st Battalion - 'On the front of the 18th British Division the 1st Cambridgeshire's continued to distinguish themselves by holding onto a position west of Adam Road where they had been for 3 days'

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