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Wedding Photographs of Lt Allum

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: Allum001 Source: Gill White and Martyn Fryer Location: Not Recorded Report No: Not Applicable Artifact Type: Photograph Production Date: 2017-08-16 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: Not Given Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

Series of photographs showing the wedding of Lt Allum of 1st Battalion Cambridgeshires after his return from the far east

Historic Context:

Many a life long friendship was forged together in the Far East during WW2, where paths crossed in the most trying times and circumstances as captive slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army. These are the Wedding photos of 2/Lt John Allum (200764) of the 1st Cambridge Battalion, his best man and close friend, Lt Cyril Kimsey (186082) 5th Beds and Herts. Both Regiments attached to he 55th Infantry Brigade of the 18th Division. Their paths cross in many places. First during infantry training in England, 1940 and 41. On the convoy from England to the far east. At Singapore when both Regiments were posted to the area of Seletar for coastal defense. At MacRitchie Reservoir, 2/Lt Allum fought on the western side at Adam Park in the final days of battle, Lt Cyril Kimsey on the eastern side at Thompsons Village. Following the surrender both were imprisoned at Changi. Lt Kimsey was transferred to the Sime road POW camp until he was transported to Thailand on 17/10/1942, 2/Lt Allum on a working party at Keppel Harbour, also transported to Thailand 6/11/1942. In Thailand their paths crossed again when they were both at Nong Pladuk camp when Lt Kimsey was there sick in 1943 and at Kanchanaburi officer camp in 1945, after Lt Kimsey had been sent to Saigon and returned to Kanchanaburi. A friendship set for all time.

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