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General Service Cap Badge p.206

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: 18/19/010 Source: TAPP Archaeology Surveys Location: No.18 Adam Park Report No: Report No.4 Artifact Type: Badges Production Date: 0010-02-27 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 45mm x 35mm Copyright with The Adam Park Project

Other Description:

The badge is 45mm wide and 35mm tall. It bears the shield on which is the royal coat of arms surrounded by garter and surmounted by a crown and lion. The lion supporter is in good condition but the right hand unicorn is bent back and no longer has a head. The scroll and laurels at the base are clearly visible. On cleaning the badge appears to be primarily blackened but there are traces of a tawny bronze colouring showing through. Two lugs are still visible on the back of the badge. Unfortunately, despite careful excavation of the surrounding area the unicorn’s upper torso and the pin were not recovered. The item was recovered from T19 very close to the covered porch of the house at a depth of no more than 10cm.

Historic Context:

The badge could have been worn on a cap but it is more likely that the badge was used as a WO1 rank badge. Both the British and the AIF used this badge for their Warrant Officer 1 insignia, often being gilted gold or in some regiments blackened. The badge was worn on a wrist strap in tropical climates where short sleeves order was in force.

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