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Catalogue Number: Miyakubo Collection 001 Source: 41st Regimental Archives Location: Mount Pleasant Report No: Mount Pleasant Report 1 Artifact Type: Photograph Production Date: 2015-12-14 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: Various Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

A collection of photograph's belonging to Sgt Masayuki Miyakubo, HQ Coy 2nd Battalion 41st Regiment. Sgt Miyakubo fought at Adam Park and later after the fighting helped set up the battalion HQ at Mount Pleasant

Historic Context:

By the time of the surrender the 41st Regiment had advanced as far as Mount Pleasant housing estate. the 41st HQ followed Yamashita's directive not to go into town and set up headquarters at Mount Pleasant. Miyakubo had his camera with him and took a few snap shots of his new surroundings. The house shown in the images is No.166 Mt Pleasant Road and comparative photos were taken at the same location. Photos were then merged and demonstrates how little has changed in the 70 years.

Customer Reviews

Captured British Bike Review by Barbara James
Fascinated by the very happy expression on the rider's face and could be he is astride a captured British motorcycle. The bike appears to a Norton Big 4 or 16H pre 1938 possibly as it has girder forks. These were built specifically as dispatch riders' bikes (DR) for the War Depatment. Much sort after nowadays. (Posted on 12/17/2015)
? Captured British Motorbike Review by Barbara James
Just out of interest could the motorbike have been captured at the surrender - it looks like a Norton Sidevalve and is problably a Big 4 or less likely a 16H. (Posted on 12/15/2015)

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