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A Collection of Portraits of the Officers from 1st Battalion Cambridgeshires

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: Officer's Gallery Source: Personal Donations Location: Whittington Barracks Report No: Not Applicable Artifact Type: Photographs Production Date: 1941-01-10 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: Various Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

Above - Lt Colonel G G Carpenter (OC 1st Battalion Cambridgeshires) A portfolio of images that have been extracted from hi- resolution scan s of group photographs taken at Whittington Barracks, Lichfield in 1941 before the departure of the Cambridgeshires for the Far East. Other images have been sent in by the next of kin and we thank them for allowing us to display the image in the virtual museum. Scroll over the thumbnail on the right hand side to see their details. Each image gives name and rank and an indication as to the fate of the individual (KIA - Killed in Action, DOW - Died of Wounds, MIA - Missing in Action, WIA - Wounded in Action). Role of the officer is taken from Moore's Battalion at War and are positions held on the 7th Feb 1942. Further information about the individual can be found in the Casualty Database There are a number images that are of poor resolution and we hope to replace these with clearer images in due course. There are also a number of officers who are yet to be positively identified and we call upon the help of members of the public to identify these men. They are annotated with the phrase '(poss)' in their caption

Historic Context:

Please note that the roles of each officer may have changed as the battle developed and casualties mounted.

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