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The Adam Park Project.

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The Casualty Database has been compiled to assist the project team in looking for clues as to the progress of the battle. Analysis of the time and circumstance of deaths helps build a picture of the nature of the conflict at various locations and at different stages of the fighting. The list combines the various rolls of honour found in published accounts of the fighting with Common Wealth War Graves data, the information found in the Changi’s Bureau of Record and Enquiry documents, now held in the National Archives in Kew Gardens, London and within Sgt Moore’s own battalion records.

The Bureau of Records and Enquiry was set up in Changi during the early days of imprisonment as a means to controlling the resources and population of the camp. Captain David Nelson, former tenant of 14 Adam Park and volunteer in the SSVF, was responsible for the running of this administration function that became the only permanent record on the movement of troops through Changi and along the Thai Burma Railroad. His memoirs are recalled in the book ‘The Changi Story ‘, published by Changi Museum.

The database lists the 177 Cambridgeshires’ casualties, killed and wounded, listed by name, rank, number, unit and date of death / wounding. We have also included any further information about next of kin and circumstance of the death. Some of this makes grim reading and we apologise for any distress this may cause however we feel it is essential to make available all the information we can on the battle.

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Remember this list is currently only for wounded or killed 1st Battalion Cambridgeshires .