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Flyer for Dublin

As the years progress we inevitably have a turn over of tenants at Adam Park. Recently long standing residents have moved away and houses have remained unoccupied. However that doesn’t mean they fall into disrepair the Singapore Land Authority regularly go into the properties to maintain them and get them ready for prospective new families. The Singapore Heritage Board are working in partenership with the SLA to ensure the heritage of the site is conserved as workmen come on site to maintain and prepare houses for new tenants. Our Chapel mural has been hidden behind a false wall at No.11 and the Calender Mural at No. 5 is protected by an acetate screen. We hope in the process of transfering ownership that these valuable heritage artworks are kept for viewing for future Singaporean visitors.


Private Jack Jennings is the last of the ‘Fen Tigers’ who fought at Adam Park and I’m glad to say he is still going strong. I was honoured to attend his 100th Birthday Party in Torquay on 27th / 28th April along with over 100 friends and family. Jack was as always in great form and ably supported by his partner Mary, he entertained the gathering with a spirited rendition on the ‘mouthie’ of many wartime tunes.


Jack’s letter from the Queen was out on display and in return for her kind words Jack sent on a copy of his book ‘ Prisoner Without a Crime’. Just hope that inspires her to pick up a copy of Tigers in the Park !!!

Glad to announce I am heading back to Singapore for a brief visit this April and to explore new opportunities and project sites. Looking forward to bringing the Adam Park project up to date and finding out what has happened to Adam Park in the last two years.

I am also looking into the fight for Pasir Panjang Ridge and the role of Scottish Regiments in the Singapore Campaign as part of my Phd.

Picture12The great thing about having a virtual museum is that we can take on new ideas and theories about the archaeology. TAPP has been contacted by Jean-Loup Gassend, a battlefield archaeologist studying WW2 sites in Southern France. He has put forward an alternative and more plausible explanation for the poor state of the ammunition found at Adam Park. We have added a new document to the Virtual Library which will help explain why so many cartridges are peeled back like a banana !

Bullet Addendum

Camb Jan 22 2017 2The final presentation for TAPP2 took place on Sunday January 22nd at the AGM for the Cambridgeshire Regiment Association at which the items relating to Sgt Pony Moore, previously purchased by the project from an internet auction site, were returned to the Cambridgeshire’s Regimental Museum curator Mr Martin Boswell. The items were reunited with other artifacts held by the museum relating to Sgt Moore (all are on display in the virtual museum)

It was a fitting way to draw TAPP2 to a close and a great opportunity to share the findings with the regimental friends and family of those men who fought at Adam Park. We hope the website and book inspire the next generation of Fen Tigers to continue the research into the Cambridgeshire’s campaign in the Far East during WW2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have added Martyn Fryer’s report on the exciting finds being discovered on Hill 105 at MacRitchie Reservoir to the Document Library.  We hope we can now go to the National Parks and on the back of these discoveries and research to pitch for a fully comprehensive survey of the site. The aim would be to find and excavate the trenches dug by the Beds & Herts Regiment during the last few days of the conflict. Many thanks to Martyn for some excellent research.

Flyer for DublinA small number of the new softback version of ‘Tiger’s in the Park’ are now available in the UK. Contact Jon Cooper through the Contacts page or via the Adam Park Facebook site for a copy.

Sgt Len Snowie Baynes

Its with deepest regret that we announce the death of Sgt Len Baynes who passed away on Saturday 6th August 2016 

All those of you who have been following the progress of The Adam Park Project will know Len as a major inspiration for the project as it was his book  and memoirs that provided some of the most detailed descriptions of the fight for the estate. Len of 8 Platoon, A Company, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshires fought on Water Tower Hill, at the RASC camp and on the last day, outside No.7 Adam Park. He also survived his time on the Thai Burma Railway. He was a true ‘Fen Tiger’.

Our thoughts and best wishes go to his family and friends.



Last tour image 2TAPP Project Manager has returned to the UK after 7 years of working on the project. With the website and book up and running Jon Cooper has now returned to Edinburgh and re-establishing ties with Glasgow University’ Centre for Battlefield Archaeology. This does not mean the work will stop for good at Adam Park. Decisions still have to be made as to the fate of the St Michael’s Mural and there is a growing interest in the future of the estate itself with virtual tours and the ‘Tiger’s Companion’ still to be completed. Jon will be focusing his efforts over the next few months in following up UK interest in the battle and ensuring ‘Tigers in the Park’ can be distributed in the UK.