The Adam Park Project


20mm Cartridge

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: 06/05/003 Source: TAPP Archaeology Surveys Location: No 6 Adam Park Report No: Report No.20 Artifact Type: Ammunition Production Date: 2013-11-16 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 20.3mm Rim, 20.6mm Case Dia Copyright with The Adam Park Project

Other Description:

The most intriguing round was what appeared to be an unfired 20mm .55 Boys Anti tank rifle round. It was clear by the excitement the discovery created that the round was something we all wanted to find. It would be the first such round found at Adam Park and quite a coup for the survey. Unfortunately despite the dimensions of the item being comparable with the .55 round there was no headstamp that could be discerned as conclusive evidence as to the type. It is therefore feasible that the round is a 20mm Japanese aircraft round dropped during strafing

Historic Context:

The Boys Mk 1 Anti - Tank Rifle provided the Cambridgeshires with the only recognised anti tank capability. Renown as being cumbersome and ineffective it was the bane of many a section. It had tremendous recoil which would bruise the shoulder of the strongest operator. It could only penetrate 21mm of armour at 300yds. It weighed 35lbs and used .551 inch calibre bullets fed from a five round detachable box magazine. A good operator could fire 10 rounds a minute providing his shoulder did not give up first

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