The Adam Park Project


Ammunition Box

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: See Report 19 p30 Source: TAPP Archaeology Surveys Location: No 3 Adam Park Report No: Report No.19 Artifact Type: Domestic Item Production Date: 2013-11-21 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 42mm dia x 32mm Copyright with The Adam Park Project

Other Description:

It is an old adage that the best find of a archaeological dig is found on the last afternoon. This was well born out at No.3 Adam Park where while prospecting on the ground by to the south of the kitchen block an insignificant return proved to be the leading edge of a substantial metal box. Despite frantic digging the box proved too big to extract in the time remaining and was carefully packed out and reburied.

Historic Context:

The box seemed to be of military in nature. The perforation on the leading side allowed for a photograph to be taken of the inside. There appeared to be the odd cartridge within it and a cradle arrangement for some kind of ordnance restraint. There were no visible carrying handles or external markings. It is hoped the box can be recovered at a later date.

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