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Item Information:

Catalogue Number: Various Source: TAPP Archaeology Surveys Location: No.17 & 8 Adam Park Report No: Report No.7 Artifact Type: Production Date: 2010-08-12 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: Ammunition Copyright with The Adam Park Project

Other Description:

Four loaded chargers and the remants of others were found amidst the bullets and cartridges scattered down the bamking between houses 8 and 17 Adam Park. The presence of ammunition still in the charger suggests the ammunition was lost before firing and possiby dumped at the end of the action. As the location was adjacent to the Regimental Aid Post at No.17, it was surmised that the ammunition had bee taken off wounded or dead men as part of the triage process.

Historic Context:

To date only one other charger and associated ammunition had been found on the estate and that was during the first survey at 20 Adam Park. As this was known to be the scene of bitter house to house fighting it was assumed that the find was indicative of a panicked soldier dropping the rounds and not having the inclination to pick it up again. The discovery of four loaded chargers outside 17 and 8 Adam Park along with a large amount of unfired ordnance is perhaps indicative of a less panicked disposal. The .303 charger held five bullets and was inserted into the breech mechanism during the loading process. An infantry section of 6 to 8 men would be expected to carry 800 rounds of .303 in 160 chargers either in their ammunition pouches on their webbing or in cotton bandoliers along with 21 x 30 round Bren gun magazines. This means each man would carry in excess of 100 rounds (20 chargers) each.

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