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Letter of Thanks from Major General Simmons

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: Cambridgeshire Regimental Collection Source: The Cambridgeshire Regiment Collection Location: Fort Canning Report No: Not Applicable Artifact Type: Document Production Date: 2015-12-14 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: Unknown Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

A typed written letter of thanks to the troops of the 18 Division from Major General Keith Simmons, Commander of the Southern Area

Historic Context:

Simmons was responsible for the development of the Singapore defences however he believed that carrying out such work would be detrimental to civilian moral. As the Japanese invasion grew more likely Simmons was appointed as head of the committee given the task to assess the readiness of the Singapore fortifications and come up with plan for the defence plan. During the final days of the battle, Simmons was transferred and ordered to command the British forces in the 'Southern Area' of the battlefield and notably he took part in the decision to surrender

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