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Cambridgeshire Cap Badge (misspelt) p.206

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: 07/06/012 Source: TAPP Archaeology Surveys Location: No7 Adam Park Report No: Report No.15 Artifact Type: Badges Production Date: 2013-11-01 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 40mm x 35mm

Other Description:

Item 07/06/12 is the third Cambridgeshire badge to be found on site. This particular cap badge in the best condition to date without any of the attachments missing however much of the gilding has worn away. The badge measures 40mm x 35mm not including the rear slider which is used to attach the badge to the cap, side cap or beret. The badge depicts the keep at Bury St Edmunds and the coat of arms of the town in the centre. The scroll at the bottom is embellished with the words ‘The Cambridgeshire Regt’. However the county is spelt incorrectly; the 'e' being omitted

Historic Context:

This is the seventh military badge to be found at Adam Park; the third from the Cambridgeshires. It would appear that there was a concerted effort to dispose of military insignia by the soldiers across the estate. This may be in response to an order to get rid of all insignia that may link an individual with a unit prior to capture as prisoners were not obliged to give up any more information that name rank and number. Veterans when questioned about the use of badges say that they were not allowed to wear badges in combat for this very reason but the order was widely ignored. The fact that the badge is misspelt is even more remarkable. This batch was not issued for WW1 but the omission was overlooked during the frenzy to kit out the new territorials fo WW2 and the badges were issued in error.

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