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Sgt Len Baynes' Sketch Map

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: Map 003 Source: Len Baynes Location: Water Tower Hill, Hill 95, Adam Park Report No: Not Applicable Artifact Type: Document Production Date: 2015-12-01 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 10 cm x 13.5 cm Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

Sgt Len (Snowy) Baynes sketched out a map of the battlefield of Adam park to illustrate his work entitled 'Diary Of A Bad Dream' which was later turned into a book entitled 'Kept - The Other Side of Tenko'. This copy of the sketch is taken from that book and we thank The Book Guild Limited and Len for allowing us to display the sketch in the museum

Historic Context:

The sketch, done from memory, is best considered in two halves. The left hand side of the sketch details the positions of 8 Platoon on the morning of the 13th February on the slopes of Water Tower Hill. The Water Tower is clearly marked as well as the Platoon HQ's positions and the location of 8 platoon sections. Unfortunately Len uses aliases in his work but it is reasonable to believe that 'Cpl Ginn' is Cpl C H Gill (5824245) A Coy, 'Cpl Nagg' is Cpl B C Nunn (5879974) A Coy and 'Cpl Malin' is possibly L/Cpl J Martin (5932992) HQ Coy. The spot marking the location of the death of 'L/ Cpl Barker' is most likely referring to L/Cpl Eric Baker (5933206) who died of wounds on the 14th February sustained the process of attacking a Japanese machine gun position on the 13th February. The area marked as ' Our second Position' is along the foot of Hill 95 beyond the drainage ditch and dannert wire fence. The right hand section of the map shows at the top the huts of the RASC camp along Adam Road and opposite the Adam Park estate. The bottom right section shows Adam park and notably the location of four houses; The Regimental Aid Post (17 Adam Park) appears to be one down from the Battalion HQ (No.7 Adam Park. The house on the right of the row is a mystery, possibly No.2 or No.9 Note Len's 4th and last position on the 15th February is directly in front of No.7 Adam Park.

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