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Sgt Moore's Diary

Item Information:

Catalogue Number: MM009 Source: The Cambridgeshire Regiment Collection Location: 20 Adam Park Report No: Not Applicable Artifact Type: Document Production Date: 2015-05-11 00:00:00 Dimensions of Item: 22 pages Copyright with Source Institution

Other Description:

Sgt Moore started this diary in Changi during the early stages of his recovery from gunshot wounds and shell fragments sustained during the fighting at Adam Park. The diary written on a small notebook is 22 pages long written in pen. The final pages includes detailed casualty lists for both the action at Adam Park and for the deaths for the 1st Battalion in captivity. The diary details the circumstances of his wounding with the intention to help him recall the events to his wife on his return to the UK.

Historic Context:

Sgt Moore of D Company fought with Captain Hockey at the west end of the Adam Park Estate. On the evening of the 13th February he was asked to carry out one more patrol along the perimeter. He was subsequently hit by machine gun fire and grenade fragments before being pulled into the Cambridgeshire lines and taken to the RAP at No.17 Adam Park. He was subsequently evacuated to the Alexandra Hospital but remembers little of the subsequent massacre. Moore spent the rest of the war working in Changi after his recovery. Moore's diary became the main source for the book written by his son, Michael Moore called 'Battalion at War'. It is interesting to note the way he describes the circumstances of his own wounding. Moore describes in detail the events leading up to the shooting and alludes to the fact that he may have been shot by his own side. However he may also have run into the Japanese patrol moving into house No.20 in the course of the evening of the 13th /14th.

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